25 Years Wolfs Moon!

Pic.: Sven S., Vent-Artivity
Pic.: Sven S., Vent-Artivity
  • 04.04.16                                                WOLFS MOON Live


    25.06.2016  Krachlatten-Party (Grasleben, Germany)


    02.07.2016   JFBZ (Helmstedt, Germany)

Pic.: Sven S., Vent-Artivity
Pic.: Sven S., Vent-Artivity
  • 10.02.16                                                          2016


                                                             24 years WOLFS MOON


                                            Celebrate with us the return of THREE bandmembers !


    After a few months in the underground we proudly present our new line – up:

Frank – Kanone – Brüning         Bass

Peter Dickert                            Bass

 Andreas Rinke                         Drums

Robert Rogge                          Vocals

Gerd – Sammy – Simson          Guitar


Our thanks go out to ex-bassist Marco Dammann for all the years we played together

with best wishes for his future and upcoming musical projects.


Live-Gigs are planned for the second half of 2016 


Keep Metal Alive


Kanone – Pete – Andi – Robert -- Sammy  

  • 23.11.14


KRACHNACHT 2 Compilation in current LEGACY-Magazine

We're with 19 other Bands on the KRACHNACHT 2-Compilation wich was enclosed at the LEGACY-MAGAZINE No. 93 this month.

-Check it out!

We hope you enjoy it and please join the "Guestbook" for your comments!

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